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Ivy Liao, Youth Leader Thankful for Strong Community Support Inspires Others to Give Back

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Ivy Liao grew up in Strathcona and in early elementary attended Lord Strathcona School. From a young age, she came to Strathcona Community Centre with her family for a variety of programming. Ivy and her older brother were in the Centre’s Afterschool Care Program, came before school to the Breakfast Program, attended Summer Camps, and participated in basketball and piano lessons. Being able to access a range of programs and services in one place helped her family very much.

Piano lessons were a huge influence on young Ivy. Taking lessons from instructor Bonnie So for over ten years at Strathcona Community Centre gave Ivy a strong love of music and the opportunity to teach lessons herself at the Centre.

Along with music, Ivy began playing table tennis at a young age. She has been playing competitively for almost ten years, including winning a bronze medal at the 2019 Pan American Games. The sport has shaped who she is, and Ivy feels she would not be where she is today without abundant community support and involvement.

As a student graduating from Britannia Secondary School this year, the communities of both Strathcona and Britannia have helped Ivy and her family immensely. This in turn inspired and encouraged her to give back as much as she can in school, church, and her community. She volunteers often with various children's programs and leadership positions.

“I am super blessed to be Valedictorian of the Britannia Graduating Class of 2019, be able to represent Canada numerous times internationally in the sport of table tennis at tournaments including the World Championships and the Pan American Games, and have the opportunity to study at UBC starting next month on a major entrance scholarship,” said Ivy. “Thank you to Strathcona Community Centre for all the aid you've given me and my family over the past two decades. I hope that my story can help more members of the community appreciate all the support Strathcona gives and give back to the community themselves!”

Congratulations on all your success Ivy!

Learn more about Ivy’s table tennis success here: